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Post by mypham0711 on 21/12/2018, 10:09 pm

In our daily lives, we’re so busy wrestling and racing in the circle of money and work. We hardly spend time taking care of our physical and mental health. But summertime is coming, let take a mindfulness and nature retreat and awake your inner adventure by immersing yourself in the wilderness.

It can’t be denied that Florida is a nature’s treasure to human and a kayaker’s wonderland as it possesses miscellaneous ecosystems and spotless waters. If you’re wondering where to relax in Florida. Please take a glance at our 8 recommended hot spots to go kayaking in Florida.

8 hot spots to go Kayaking in Florida
Life is too short to live a boring life. If you don’t have any idea on where to go travel, check out our article to find out top 8 must-visit places to go kayaking in Florida and create your own vibrant life.

The Juniper Run, Ocala National Forest

Juniper Run was honorably on the list of top 25 canoe runs in America rated by ReserveAmerica. It attracts million visitors each year, especially paddle junkies, because of the untouched and old-growth forest and snaking, a narrow watercourse. What is more relaxing and joyful than paddling your canoe on crystal clear waters and setting your eyes on a dense and verdant canopy of southern hardwoods.

Normally, the canoe launch opens at 8 AM, you could easily rent a canoe (approximately 35$) or bring your self-shuttle with around 10$ of the reverse re-haul fee. It is worth when spending your weekend getaways at Juniper Run to enjoy a pleasing day of padding and immerse yourself in nature.

The Silver Springs State Park, Silver Springs

Located on the Silver River, The Silver Springs State Park is a truly hidden paradise because it’s a perfect combination between the historic attractiveness of Florida and the crystal beauty of one of the last unoccupied spring runs in the US. I’m pretty sure that the desolate and waste park will blow away your mind as its large provision of rare birds and wildlife.

A couple of years ago, I took a tour which is run by the locals to discover the park; I was impressed by the tour guide as he is knowledgeable, having a sense of humor and enthusiastic. I think when you’re traveling to wildlife areas, you should book a local tour because only the native could alert us the dangerous zones and point out must-visit locations to spot interesting species and spectacular wetlands.

The Rainbow River, Dunnellon

Located in Dunnellon, Rainbow River is considered as one of fourth largest spring of Florida and a hotspot of paddlers. When visiting Rainbow River, travelers will be definitely amazed by its impressive and unique beauty and also its diverse and abundant wildlife including endangered species. You will see plenty of animals such as fish, turtles, naughty river otters or even alligator if you’re lucky.

I’m pretty sure that paddling along the crystal clear water, sightseeing the vibrant scenery surrounding the river and listening to the song of the birds will help you to release your stress and bring you a sense of peace and calm. In addition, you could have a great day-off with your family or quality time with your friends by camping and going sightseeing. Furthermore, the price for canoe rental here is reasonable and affordable.

The Apalachicola River Wildlife

100 miles of backwoods paddling trails of the Apalachicola River will never let you down as its fragile and unique beauty. Thousands of travelers and paddle lovers put Apalachicola River on their bucket list there is a bunch of recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, camping or seeing wildlife species.

In addition, the Apalachicola River is famous for its biodiversity ecosystem when having a variety of tree species, mammal species and various types of birds. Due to plenty of level water, the Apalachicola River enchants a great number of all-level kayakers each year.

Everglades National Park

Contrary to paddle on the pristine and limpid seas or rivers, kayaking in the Everglades gives you a sense of adventure and hazard. But believe me, it is worth trying once in a lifetime. Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in America where offers crucial habitat for various endangered and rare animals such as American crocodile, manatee or even panther.

It is a dreamland for watersport lovers and adventurers with a bunch of nature to watch and a wide range of outdoor activities. You could take a road to Homestead which passes through natural habitat to see wildlife, go trekking through the Big Cypress National Preserve to take a full observation of the attractiveness of nature or explore the wild Cape Sable by canoe or kayak to be overwhelmed by birdsongs. This will be a memorable and outstanding tour that you’ve ever experienced.

Panama City Beach

Lied between the Gulf and the Andrews Bay, the remote and undeveloped barrier island exerts a pull on numerous wanderlusts every year because of its stunning and breathtaking view. Panama City Beach is suitable for both paddle newbies and experienced kayakers as it provides a wide range of water level.

While kayaking on the deep blue and untouched sea, you could enjoy the magic of nature by looking the bottle-nosed dolphins diving and the seagulls flying in the sky. In addition, you could dispel the heat of summer by ordering some local smoothies and savoring local delicacies. What is more, don’t forget to laze around on the white sandy beach and watch the sunset.

Little Manatee River, Wimauma

Located in Southeastern Hillsborough County, The Little Manatee River is mentioned as weekend getaways for youngsters. It wins people’s hearts because of its natural beauty and good accompanied services. Canoe and kayak rentals are available here, and the rental fee is quite cheap.

The water level of the Little Manatee River changes unpredictably. While the upstream is quite narrow and tortuous, surrounded by ranges of cedar, cypress, and oak forest, the downstream is wider. This unspoiled place is suitable for nature lovers who are looking for peace and tranquility.

Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island

Don’t fritter away your precious time staying at home and lazily watching TV, take a short trip and enjoy the exclusive experience that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world at Fernandina Beach. You could book a local tour or rent a kayak to explore the out of the ordinary wildlife, take a deep breath to refresh yourself after long and stressful working hours and perceive the wonderfulness of Mother Nature.

If you are new to kayak, don’t worry, there are plenty of crush kayaking courses provided. Hope you have a full of an awesome and fabulous trip to Fernandina Beach.

Florida is a real heaven on earth for paddle lovers. Hope you have valuable and memorable moments when kayaking in Florida. Don’t forget to comment down below your own experience and also recommend other awesome destinations that you went through. Once again, thank you a lot for reading my article.


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