Special Chinese Poker Rules

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Special Chinese Poker Rules Empty Special Chinese Poker Rules

Post by myngoc128 on 21/1/2020, 10:00 pm

There are also variations in hands and rules in the game w88thais :

Scooping: When a player scoops (wins all three hands against one player), typically this player will win a bonus. The standard bonus is double the points, meaning Player 2 would win 6 points off of Player 3 for his scoop in this hand.

Fouled Hand: If a player fouls his hand (either sorting the hand against the rules or having an illegal amount of cards in a specific hand) the opposing players automatically scoop.

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Open Face Chinese Poker
Lowball in the Middle: Instead of having the middle five-card hand as a standard poker hand, you can play with the middle hand being a 2-7 Lowball hand poker online .

While some players award royalties to any player with a royalty worthy hand, it’s common for royalties to only be awarded to the player who wins the comparison for that hand. For example if player 1 had quad sixes, but player 2 had quad sevens, only player 2 would get the royalty
Some players make it even more complicated by attaching different point amounts to each specific royalty
In Chinese poker the rules for point awarding are never set in stone. You and your opponents can play any system, rules of combination you like - just make sure everyone agrees on all the rules before you start the deal
Chinese Poker Royalties
Most people who play Chinese will play with royalties (or bonuses). Although there are a large number of variations in the royalties you can play, the most commonly played royalties are as follows:

Strong Hands: Typically quads or better in the bottom, a full house or better in the middle and trips in the top will earn you a Royalty ww88 .

13-Card Hands: Making one 13-card hand (straight from 2-A). These hands will automatically scoop regardless of the hand versus hand comparison.

Three of the Same: Another form of 13-card hand consisting of three flushes or three straights.

No People: Also a 13-card hand. Being dealt 13 cards without a single face card.


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